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Our specialties: hydraulic system and automatic lubrication

Selling, installation and maintenance of lubrication systems

EQUIPEMENTS & LUBRIFICATION M.M.I.L supplies, installs and repairs lubrication systems.

We are based in Saint-Lin-Laurentides.

The automatic lubrication system extends the lifespan of our machines, while reducing our operational expenses and improving our productivity!

It's Benefits

The automatic lubrication system reduces premature wear of the equipment thanks to a protective film formed by the grease. Promoting dynamic and uniform lubrication during machine operation. Maximizing operation time by eliminating downtime from manual lubrication. Reducing maintenance costs by eliminating costly repairs and machine downtime. Avoiding accidents when the operator has to perform manual lubrication in hard-to-reach areas. Reducing lubrication costs by reducing waste. Reducing one’s impact on the environment.

Lubrication Saint-Lin–Laurentides Terrebonne Laval
Lubrication Saint-Lin–Laurentides Terrebonne Laval

Installation and Maintenance

The automatic lubrication system can be installed on any kind of machine: tractors, dump trucks, drills or excavators. The automatic greasing system adapts to all sectors, including construction, agriculture, forestry, excavation and industry. Installation is fast, depending on the desired number of lubrication points. The automatic lubrication system requires little to no maintenance. Make sure that the tank is full and change your grease type at each season.


MMIL offers a wide range of lubricants at highly competitive prices. Engine oil, hydraulic oil, grease. We also provide these products in different formats ranging from tube, barrel and in bulk to extend your equipment’s lifespan.

Our commitment:

Reliable products
High-quality service
Personalized advice

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